Argentina's Healthcare System

The healthcare system that is currently in place in Argentina is quite different than socialized medicine or even capitalist healthcare. It is actually three different tiers of healthcare. The three sectors or tiers consist of public healthcare which is funded through taxes, private healthcare which is purchased by an individual and social security which is funded through obligatory contributions. There is a central group that oversees each and every one of these healthcare organizations though. This is to ensure none of them are not acting in the best interests of the individual and are using your funds towards your healthcare.

There are over 9 million people who are covered by public healthcare. However, this is not public healthcare as you might typically think of it. Instead, it is run by an umbrella of union organizations. This basically means that instead of the government controlling your healthcare, it will be controlled by your union. Right now you have to be employed and paying dues to one of the union organizations to be covered. It will also cover your dependents. This can cause problems if you are unemployed, as many people have found out. There are currently just under 9 million people being covered by this healthcare system.

The private healthcare sector is doing a large business in Argentina. There are currently 2 million people covered under public healthcare with 200 different organizations covering them. Most of the organizations are from within the country but international groups from other countries in the surrounding area and even Switzerland are getting in on the deal. There is next to no formal regulation of the private healthcare system in Argentina which is leading to more and more worries about false advertising, and shady business practices.

The public system of healthcare within Argentina is a big mess. There are many people who are using these services who are not getting the best treatment. Not only are they not able to get adequate treatment but not enough doctors are provided. This leads to a shortage of staff in the hospitals and clinics, which leads to longer waits for those who are ill. They then will have to wait even longer due to old and broken equipment. Just taking a simple x-ray is a long and difficult procedure. You might be luck to find somewhere that has the medication you need if you are not in a major city that has a pharmacy.