Belgium's Healthcare System

Belgium is famous for its waffles as well as being a wonderful country to visit. However, did you know that it is also famous for being one of the best countries to visit for healthcare services in Europe? Well, it is true! The Belgian healthcare system has been looked after for several years as being quite reputable in service. However, there are a few things that you should know about the country and its healthcare system before you decide to visit.

First of all, Belgium is just like most of the other countries across Europe. The healthcare system is socialized. This means that the healthcare system is greatly controlled by the government and that healthcare services may be provided by the government to its citizens. However, there are private insurers as well in Belgium. These insurers are not going to be cheap, and may charge you high fees depending upon your age as well as other factors.

When you go to make an appointment in Belgium you are going to want to take a lot of cash with you. Most doctors are going to require you to pay for your entire appointment after services are rendered. Very few doctors accept payment by check or credit card. While people who have national healthcare coverage may be able to get a reduction in their overall cost of the appointment this will only be calculated after you pay for the entire appointment.

Another important thing to remember when you are trying to secure services at a hospital is to bring everything you are going to need with you. In Belgium there is nothing provided to you, that includes soap and towels. You are going to need to provide all of this so that you can have a more enjoyable stay. Also, do not forget to bring your healthcare identification card with you. While you will not be denied emergency treatment without it, having it just makes the process much more simpler as well as costs you a lot less!

There is an emergency ambulance service across Belgium. You simply dial the local emergency medical service number and an ambulance will take you to the nearest emergency department. While you may not be taken to the largest emergency department, you will be admitted to the right department based upon your injuries. Also, be aware that many private insurance companies cover ambulance services better than the national healthcare plan.

Belgium is also home to a lot of cancer research, making it a great country to get top of the line cancer treatment!