Brazil's Healthcare System

Brazil is one of South America's most populated countries. With the recent news that the Olympics will be visiting this great city just a few years down the road, you may want to know what type of medical programs are being offered for those who live in Brazil and want to visit the cities inside of Brazil.

First off, the healthcare system in Brazil is based off of a socialized system of medicine. This means that everyone is provided healthcare through the government and you are expected to pay into it through your taxes. There is also a private sector of insurance companies that provides another level of care, but most citizens are not willing to pay for it. Instead, they take advantage of the state provided healthcare that was only provided starting back in 1988.

The Government of Brazil has realized that a person has multiple needs that need to be met in order to assist with their health. They try and fill everyone's need for housing, a job, income and several other factors so that they feel as if they are a contributing member of society. This can be a good thing, but in Brazil it is often considered to be your civic duty. The public healthcare system in Brazil is currently extremely underfunded. You are not able to get adequate care in many of the facilities and people are not being given every single procedure that they need done to themselves. People are quickly becoming angry over the issue and have told their lawmakers that they want even more reforms. This is why more laws are being passed so that people will have better healthcare. The private healthcare industry has truly been picking up the slack from the government based healthcare system.

Private healthcare inside of Brazil is actually quite rare. Few people are able to afford the premiums unless they are from a wealthy class. People who purchase private health insurance are still covered under the public plan but can also visit other health care options. This not only protects you in case you suffer something that requires a treatment not covered under government healthcare, but if the government facilities are lacking in an area, you can seek private treatment. Many doctors like to deal with private insurance because it offers them a higher degree of pay and people are more likely to pay you. Doctors will accept state insurance, but will not provide as high of a level of care in some cases.