Canada's Healthcare System

Canada's healthcare system is quite different from that of many of the other countries around the world. A socialized approach to healthcare is the way that Canada has tried to run their healthcare system. While some people enjoy how this is run, it does have its advantages and disadvantages.

The healthcare system in Canada is run by the government. That means that each and every individual is given healthcare, regardless of it they can afford it or not. There are some costs to the healthcare system, such as a premium being billed in the form of taxes to individuals throughout the nation. However, if an individual is too poor or cannot afford to pay the healthcare premium they may be eligible for a waiver.

It is important to note that doctors do not bill patients at all in the Canadian healthcare system. In some healthcare systems, a patient may be given the bill or the bill may go to the patient's insurer. However, within Canada the bill is sent from the doctor to the healthcare plan that is centrally controlled by the government. This lowers costs as well as decreases the wait time for doctors to get reimbursed for providing their services.

Some patients will notice that when they are in the Canadian national healthcare system only basic care is covered. That means that no plastic surgery or any elective surgery can be preformed unless it is deemed to be necessary, something that's also the case with most private health insurance companies in the USA. This can be both a good and a bad thing, controlling medical costs as well as preserving patients from having silly procedures that waste resources. Some patients do want procedures that are elective and are either forced to pay out of pocket or through a private health care plan.

Yet another option for people who are dealing with healthcare in Canada is whether or not dental and vision care are included in their coverage. It depends upon the province, however, these services are often covered by the private employer of an individual. If they are not covered by the employer they can be purchased for a small additional rate per month from a private health insurance company. Private health insurance is only good for people who want additional perks such as private hospital rooms or elective surgeries. It is quite costly depending upon what options are selected and many people do not choose to purchase it because of the great coverage provided by the government.