Germany's Healthcare System

Germany is doing quite well when it comes to healthcare. While they are not the best in it, they are doing quite well in many of the different areas that are ranked as far as statistics. They are thirtieth in life expectancy as a nation, have a low infant mortality rate, have a large amount of doctors in practice and also spend a very large amount of their GDP on the healthcare and related industries.

Germany is also known for having one of the world's oldest universal healthcare systems. It was started as far back as the 1880's. The laws were brought up along with an entire series of social reform legislation. This made it so that Germany was a great country that provided for the many who needed the most help. The current laws on the books provide for 85% of the population to be covered by a basic level of healthcare. This level may not include elective or cosmetic surgery, but it will include doctors visits, medication and most emergency procedures. Private health insurance is a popular option in Germany with many people choosing it for the great options that it offers.

One of the amazing things that the German government does for workers who are not making enough money is that they refund the workers health insurance premiums. This is a tax that is paid by workers in the economy to support the national healthcare system. However, Germany does not want to place an unfair load on those who cannot afford it and refunds them their premiums. Finding a doctor that will accept your government health insurance might be a little tricky. This is because the number of doctors allowed to accept the government insurance is actually regulated by the government and professional groups within the country. This has been done to protect the public from having doctors who are not good at their jobs or who are a danger to the public.

Healthcare costs have been soaring all across Germany. Not only are insurance costs as far as doctors wages increasing, but the cost of medication is increasing as well. One of the worst costs to bear in the entire system is that of medication. Some of the medications have seen a 50% increase in the price over just a few years time. The government has tried their best to control it, but it is often difficult to do in such a large economy.