Luxembourg's Healthcare System

Luxembourg's healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. It has an extremely high standard for the government provided healthcare that is spread throughout the nation. While this nation may not be the biggest in size, its ideas are quite large. The state provided healthcare system does cover each and every citizen of the country with basic medical coverage.

All employed citizens and employees contribute to this system. This means that the healthcare taxes are taken out when you are paid your paycheck. There is a cap of 6,625 EUR. If you are self employed you have to pay all of the tax, but the amount does vary based up the profession that you are in. All of the dependent family members are covered by their family members who pay into the insurance system. This means that children are covered under their parents and the likewise. Students are covered until age 27 under the healthcare system.

State healthcare covers a large amount of services, everything from basic general practitioner care to care that is given at birth and more. You will not be able to get elective procedures such as surgery for cosmetic purposes, but nearly everything else will be covered. Foreigners are not covered under this health insurance plan that is provided by the government. Those who will not be working in the country will have to show proof of their insurance coverage before they will be granted a residency permit.

Just like many other countries around the world that provide government health insurance, private health insurance is also available. Many individuals choose to take out these additional policies because it provides additional protection in case they become ill or have any other medical problems that are severe. They are quite reasonable and can be tweaked to cover exactly what you want them to cover.

Most doctors visits are reimbursed at 100%, but the reimbursement rates for other services vary. It is all decided by the government about how much will be covered. The more that is covered, the more common the procedure typically. Dental and prescription coverage is covered by the health insurance plan. You are also able to get some costs, if not all costs, back from emergency treatment in a neighboring country. Citizens can choose the doctor of their choice, but if they are enrolled in the government provided plan they need to ensure that the doctor is affiliated and certified with the state medical plan.