The country of Netherlands is one of those rare nations that provide its citizens with amazing medical aids and health benefits. A large number of reforms have taken place right in the healthcare system of The Netherlands. A single and completely novel system of healthcare insurance was totally introduced during the beginning of the year 2006. This system replaced the old and previously existing two-tier system.

This older system has been in use for quite some time and under this new medical system each and everyone living the Netherlands is presently required to hold the basic health insurance package under legal terms. This new medical system can also be supplemented by the additional packages that come as options. There is a particular obligation from a legal perspective that include the entire basic medical insurance parcel is applicable to several residents of the Netherlands. The best part of this medical system that is prevalent in Netherlands is for all is completely regardless of whatever nationality the person has else the person in concern is on a brief residence permit or is on a student permit. In case of the foreign students and for all those people staying on a temporary basis in the Netherlands are all required to have some sort of health insurance and this is treated as a condition of entry.

The aforementioned medical coverage that is provided by the vital package of insurance by the government of the Netherlands is very essential for all. This medical coverage is subjected to an ongoing analysis as well as through a degree of alteration by the Dutch government. The medical facility as are presented by the Netherlands government usually has an inclusion of some of the most basic costs of healthcare.

The health benefit as provided by the government of Netherlands presently doesn't cover the costs of treatment for adults when it comes down to dentistry. The medical benefit also doesn't include some of the most maternity cares as well as cares of post-natal as well physiotherapy.

The medical system also has major benefits and one of them presents the children who are minors and are below 18 are all by default by covered by the basic package of health insurance that the parents have and at the some time these children also receive a perfect coverage for dental care. The Dutch health care is completely financed by a dual system. Both these systems work in a collective manner. The long-term treatment is one of the dual systems and involves the aid of a (semi-)permanent hospitalization. The system also covers the costs of disability that include wheelchairs. This is a law that has been laid down in the Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten. The particular general law on several exceptional costs of healthcare costs which all first came into effect in the year 1968. The other system is the regular or the short-term medical treatment is a system that includes an entire gamut of health insurance on an obligatory basis with a large number of private health insurance companies. Each and every insurance company are all obliged to present with a package that includes a defined bunch of insured treatments and this system came into effect in the year January 2006.