Northern Ireland

The Northern part of Ireland or Northern Ireland presents its respective citizens with several health benefits and the health minister of the nation Mr. Michael McGimpsey talked about the endorsement that is done by the executive for several free of cost prescriptions. This is regarded as a major as well as a significant step in order to abolish a complete unfair system of the medical field. This aforementioned 'unfair system' forced people to pay for all of their basic medication services. This particular move actually follows the earlier announcement that was made by the minister and also follows the earlier announcement that the prescriptions will be provided free of charge by the month of April in the year 2010. Mr. Michael McGimpsey also announced his intention to completely abolish the charging for the prescription in September. This announcement was met with a huge and very positive response from the masses. The approval from the minister and sanctioned by the Executive was a very welcome change that is sure to usher in comfort to several thousands of people residing in and around Northern Ireland.

According to Minister Michael McGimpsey for several years the people from the Northern Ireland had been living inside a system which was unfair as well mighty unjust. According to Mr.McGimpsey according to this particular system the suffering of a person was given preference above another person. This particularly 'ruthless' system becomes completely unaccepted by the people who all have to cope with the vicious burdens of bad health also had the added tension of trying to look for and gather some money in order to pay for the much needed medical treatments which quite frankly simply cannot afford.

Each and every of these medical policies are all totally wrong and are strictly not in the favor of the principles set by the NHS and bears sharp contrast to the promises of completely free health care benefits as were originally by the NHS. The introduction and the gradual induction of these free prescriptions was a particular commitment that was made by the Minister in one of his earliest Assembly debates and his decision so as to introduce a series of free and 'price-less' prescriptions is also firmly based on an innumerable number of letters as well as calls that Mr. received from many patients regarding the very same issue. These were the very same people who were actually calling out for relief from the many unnecessary and unwanted hardships that payment for medical aids as well as paying for prescriptions brought along.

According to the minister, the prescription costs that were charged would be compensated from within the budgets and there would be no existing services suffering due to an outcome or thanks to an aftermath of this particular decision. He also adds that additionally there would be large number of processes all of which would be put in place in order to absolutely ensure the fact that each and every prescribing rate are all limited within acceptable fields. The many healthcare professionals of Northern Ireland most definitely are asked to practice the ways of responsible prescribing and the masses also need to play a perfect role by taking the aid of medication only when they need it.

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