As we all know Russia is a huge nation and is spread over thousands of miles. This is also a nation where civil wars are as common as having cereals for breakfast. Russia is like a huge amalgamation of regions and has some of the largest numbers of spread out areas. The medical facilities and the other associated benefits thus are indeed a hassle and there is hardly any guarantee that all the medical facilities as well as services of other health benefits would absolutely reach out to every nook and corner of Russia.

Going by theoretical application, the Russians are all supposed to receive or rather are rightfully deserving of absolutely free basic medical benefits. In Russia, it seems that the scene has taken a reverse as most of the patients seem too unhappy with the sort of medical benefits that they are treated to. The experts of these medical research fields also say doctors, nurses and other medical personnel including surgeons generally ask for payments from the patients.

The experts also add that such unscrupulous ways exist even amidst the Russian government's decision to spend several billion Rubles in order to enhance the medical system. Medical care in Russia is ranked among one of the worst in the complete industrialized world. A report from the year 2000 from the World Health Organization or the WHO ranks the health system of Russia to be 130th out of a probable total of 191 nations and Russia is counted on par with other poorer nations such as Peru, Honduras and a few others. The degree of life expectancy has severely declined here in the last decade.

There is a large percentage of men who die before they reach the age of sixty and this is indeed an alarming thing. However not all hope is lost and there is still a silver lining in this seemingly grey landscape that seems to spell out bleak in big, bold letters. The state successfully covers each and every Russian right under the umbrella of a standardized package of free medical insurance. The well to do citizens also have the liberty to purchase an extra slice of insurance and avail private treatments in big and famous hospitals. The public health system of the Soviet Union for a time was considered to be one of the best in the world and although it would surely take some amount of time to restore the health system to its rightful position, it sure is nothing impossible. Recently the Russian government has undertaken many reforms including a major increase in the funding as well as in the measuring in order to increase the levels of efficiency and thus as we can see that the Russian health sector is slowly on the verge of walking back to the coveted position to which it once belonged. The several steps as recently been undertaken by the government includes many medical aids as well as several free health benefits all of which go a long way in shaping up the complete Russian health sector.