The health as well as the welfare factors of most of the developing nations is all likely to be among one of the topmost issues that were addressed at the famous and privileged G8 Summit last week in the city of Perthshire in Scotland. It is a known fact that Scotland prides itself as possessing one of the most productive and life science programs in the whole of Europe. Scotland's immense contributions to the entire healthcare challenges all of which can be fathomed by both the progress as well as results of all its scientific community. Very recently Scotland has focused on many policies and at the same time has entered a new strategy in order to build up direct foreign investment in the fields of life sciences as well as in technology thanks to a very comprehensive government and also thanks to several academic as well as support from the private corporate sector's fine strategy of infrastructure.

The sector of healthcare that is available in Scotland is primarily provided by the public health service of Scotland that is known as the NHS Scotland. Now NHS Scotland is in charge of the entire healthcare benefits and firmly provides the facilities of healthcare to each and every permanent resident of the region. It can be mentioned here that such medical aid thus provided is absolutely free of cost and such healthcare benefits are paid for from the sources of general taxation. In Scotland the factor of health is considered to be a matter that is absolutely devolved. This particular factor of health has been showing several considerable differences and are slowly now developing among the healthcare systems meant for the public that are located in other different countries under the United Kingdom. This particular public system usually dominates the absolute provision of healthcare as well as the sector of private health care not to mention a large variety of several other as well as harmonizing methods of treatments that are firmly available to the people who are all willing to pay.

The National Health Service or the NHS of Scotland was created in the year 1948 and this was also the same time when the NHS was also created for countries like England and Wales. The NHS however remains as a completely as well as an absolutely separate entity from all the other systems from the sectors of public health in the UK and this is one fact that is although this usually not realized by the patients especially in case of a "cross-border" or in case when an emergency care is involved all thanks to the large level of both co-operation as well as co-ordination.

Both primary and secondary care is available in Scotland and the factors of healthcare here are provided through a series of a total of fourteen regional boards of health. These health boards are, however, later subdivided or sub-classified into many Community Health Partnerships. This is done so as to present all the local services in a much more effective manner. Each and every healthcare policy as well as the funding of these policies happens to be the responsibility of the Government of Scotland's Health as well as Wellbeing Directorate.